Nappanee Fire Dept 2016 Silverado 3500

by Cameron Thurston

New 2016 silverado 3500hd. We got it all done for Nappanee Fire Department. Another thank you to Nappanee for your continued business. The truck turned out great. Supporting new graphics (custom hand painted smokey stover mural will be painted on doors later) tomar 54" bar, some code 3 lights, some star.. with dual siren tones.

Dual Tone Sirens

by Cameron Thurston

The sounds of 6 new interceptors with dual tone sirens. Each vehicle has two separate speakers sounding two different sounds at once. Very effective for police vehicles. As most ambulances have this feature. It's becoming more popular in the law enforcement vehicles. Especially ones Copsgear outfits. Dual tones allows highs and lows at same time which can also save lives and provide the right amount of warning to push through traffic. Allowing officers to respond quicker, safer, and possibly add seconds if not minutes to that emergency call response times.

Copsgears Takedown

by Cameron Thurston
Checkout Copsgears front takedown option. This also flashes when in pursuit mode. This light can be seen for many many miles. It actually pushes the traffic out of the way and when on a traffic stop it does not allow the vehicle stopped to see you approach the vehicle. Very handy for scenes.

Huntington Police New Slicktop Ford Interceptor Sedan

by Cameron Thurston

Dual color front light-bar with full all white take-down feature. This Feature also allows White Burst between Red and Blue flashing. Great for intersection clearing and moving traffic.Full outfit by

Royal Oak Police Noptic Thermal Camera's

by Cameron Thurston

Copsgear installed Noptic thermal camera for Royal Oak Police in Michigan. This is one handy tool to find subjects running from you. It also helps when looking for livestock, vehicle temperatures, slick spots or ice on the roads.. Many departments can find a runner within minutes if one of these is on a vehicle that is available and on duty. Fast deployment allows quick locating when one takes off on foot. Contact Copsgear for grant options and the Copsgear grants available on these units.


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