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Code 3,® Inc. engineers, manufactures and markets a complete line of lighting and sound-based warning products used by professionals in emergency response, utility, service fleet, and industrial settings. Code 3® has been in business since 1974. Our primary goal is to design products that enhance customer safety, including law enforcement officers, firemen and EMT personnel, as well as all personnel in utility, DOT, and construction industries.

Code 3®'s headquarters (Manufacturing Video here) and plant are located in St. Louis, Missouri. We distribute our products to over 70 countries through a network of manufacturer's representatives and distributors serving the public safety, municipal and industrial markets.

Code 3® employs approximately 200 employees dedicated to finding solutions for the varying needs of our customers. Our team is focused on total customer satisfaction through outstanding personnel, innovative products, seamless customer service, and world-class quality (Testing Facility Videos here). This is exemplified in our ISO 9001 certification, our Lean Six Sigma processes and our history of product innovations, such as:

  • TriCore® technology provides the brightest lighting technology on the market (Defender®)
  • PriZm® II Dual Reflector technology provides a brighter signal for superior visibility and safety (RX 2700™ lightbar)
  • Siris™ LED technology: Structured Internal Reflector Illumination System. Available in single and multicolor—the latest LED technology available. Extremely bright LED technology available in the Solex™ lightbar.
  • Torus™ LED technology: Total Internal Reflection technology. Available in single and multicolor—extremely bright LED technology available in the 21TR Series of lightbars.
  • The first two-level lightbar (the MX7000®)
  • The first integrated directional lighting system (ArrowStik®)
  • LED X™ optical technology provides incredibly bright, high visibility signals when viewed either straight on or off angle

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ECCO Safety Group (ESG)
Code 3® is a member of the ECCO Safety Group, whose headquarters is in Boise, Idaho. ECCO Safety Group (ESG) operates on four continents with over 900 dedicated team members. It supplies amber warning beacons and lightbars to the commercial vehicle aftermarket sector along with reverse alarms to OEMs. It also offers red and blue emergency lighting, mirrors, switches, signal and accessory lights and wiper equipment through the brands mentioned below.

Code 3®
Emergency Lighting and Sound-Based Systems are designed for installation on emergency response vehicles such as police cars, fire apparatus, ambulances, and wreckers. This full-line of lightbars, sirens, flashers, sirens, and speakers, includes such well-known products as Defender®, RX 2700CC, MX7000®, and ArrowStik®.

PSE Amber®
Includes a full array of products for utility vehicles, highway maintenance vehicles, industrial trucks and waste recovery vehicles. This line of lighting and and accessories includes lightbars, LED, strobe and halogen beacons, interior and exterior lighting, traffic advisors, Department of Transportation systems and spotlights, including such well-known products as TriCore® NarrowStik, Frontier Mini Bar, and ArrowStik®

Premier Hazard
A leading producer and supplier of vehicle warning, hazard, sound systems, vehicle management systems and vehicle switching to the emergency and rescue, municipal, construction and recovery services. Quality Assurance is of paramount importance to us, and as such can boast to be the only UK hazard warning equipment manufacturer with a full suite of in-house test facilities that include photometric, vibration, water ingress, salt and fog regulations.

Premier Hazard Ltd
Bessingby Industrial Estate
Bridlington YO16 4SJ
+44 (0)113 2391111

Britax PMG
Designs, manufactures and supplies a full range of commercial hazard warning products to global original equipment suppliers and aftermarket customers for agricultural, public utilities, construction, transportation, waste hauling and material handling applications. Products include an extensive range of mandatory and auxiliary lighting, amber hazard warning products and rear view mirrors for on and off highway vehicles.

Britax PMG Ltd
Bessingby Industrial State
Bridlington YO16 4SJ
+44 (0)1262 670161

PSV Wypers
The PSV Wyper brand is well established in the UK as a specialist supplier of windscreen Wiper Equipment, Powered Roof Mounted Ventilators and Gas Struts. We design and manufacture high quality windscreen wiper systems for most commercial vehicle and PSV functions, along with high specification marine and rail applications. Our products include wiper arms, wiper blades, motors and drive/linkage parts all designed in-house using 3D CAD capability and rigorous test procedures in order to offer our customers the highest standard of components and solutions available today.

Britax PSV Wypers Ltd
Navigation Road, Diglis
Worcester, England WR5 3DE
+44 (0)1905 350500

Community Outreach is an area Code 3 is proud of. Code 3 donates to the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Organization, BackStoppers, Special Olympics, Toys for Tots as well as many others organizations. Our employees are also given time off to volunteer in local community outreach organizations.

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