Through the years, INNOTEX® has developed tremendous expertise in the development, manufacturing and distribution of fire retardant protective clothing.

The knowledge acquired through a long history of garment manufacturing in partnership with World leading companies has provided grounds for NFPA 1971 certified turnout gear that has been praised for its exceptional quality, durability and safety features.


Double needle lock stitch

Double needle lock stitch

INNOTEX® uses optimal tension adjustments and the most secure type of stitching for increased durability.

High density bar tacks

High density bar tacks

INNOTEX® uses high density bar-tacks on all stress points, including 8 bar-tacks per pocket.

X stitched hook and loop

Rounded Hook & Loop

Increases comfort, improves functionality and durability. Applied to throat and pocket closures.


Wristlet Water Evacuation System™ (WWES)

Shallow water well with drain eyelets reducing water entrapment and risk of burn injuries.

Double fly protection

Five layers of protection. Three layers on inside of flap. Two layers on outside of flap for increased protection.

Unique Drag Rescue Device system

Supple Kevlar® webbing to reduce the risk of moisture barrier abrasion. Unique positioning of the loop system to increase comfort and ease DRD reload.


BR-1 Collar

BR-1 Collar™

Collar system offering unmatched protection including 4 layers of outer shell, moisture barrier and thermal barrier.

One piece L shaped storm flap

One piece "L" shaped storm flap

Allows a full coverage of the throat area without any gap while providing 4 layers of continuous moisture and thermal barrier protection.

Preformed sleeve

Preformed sleeves

Contoured arm cut for ease of movement and comfort.

Retractable Action Back®

Retractable Action Back™

Extensible gusset allowing a greater freedom of movement and better reach.

Enhanced Mobility Knee® (EMK®)

Enhanced Mobility Knee™(EMK™)

Provides more flexibility and greater movement capabilities in the knee area.


Ergonomic design on all three layers

All 3 layers are designed to complement one another ergonomically and ensure perfect fit and ease of movement.

Optimized component management

Proper fit, uniformity, garment optimization and order accuracy are ensured by designing patterns, managing markers and cutting components in a state of the art computer assisted design environment.

Quality workmanship (fit and finish)

All INNOTEX® garments are produced by experienced seamstresses who value very high quality work. The finish is clean and exceptional for results that outperform to the competition.

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