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After 22 years of training and developing tire deflation devices, Spike Devil recognizes the features needed for effective and safe use. Tire Deflation standards, Back on Track is Spike-Devil’s initiative to restore the safe use of tire deflation devices. It outlines the SAFE USE in the training manuals and on the www.spikedevil.net training website. Spike Devils product were developed with the right features to enhance officer effectiveness and safety. We rise up to the task of addressing the serious incidents which have dis credited the use of tire deflators.

The above picture shows a special stance which enhances, situational awareness, Officers often unpack and deploy spikes before they ever reach cover, this is a common practice, this officer is aware and has a plan regardless of the circumstances.


Before 1993, tire deflators were used in a fashion very different than what we see today. It was standard practice to limit deployment locations to areas which provided cover and concealment. Very often officers did not have cover during the setup, or deployment of the spikes, however they had a clear strategy to deploy and reach cover or concealment.

Spike Deployment had standards and a perfect saferty

Spike Deployment had a clear strategies for deployment and safety

  • Spike deployment had standards and a perfect safety record.
  • Spikes deployment had a clear strategies for deployment and safety.


Before 1980, Pre deployment was the only deployment tactic. The system was set up in advance of traffic, and the pursuit. Notice the arrow pointing to the spikes across the roadway. The officer positioned himself behind cover and protection. Traffic would pass over the cord stretched across the traffic lanes, when the target arrived, the system was pulled into the lanes of traffic. When the target passed the system was pulled off the road, with the safety of the cord.

In 1980, a Canadian system (Hovey) was introduced which allowed deployment from the curb. In 1990, a Utah state Trooper, Don Kilgrow, developed a system which also provided curbside deployment. Curbside deployment was developed for a quicker deployment of the system. The system was deployed and the officer would quickly seek cover. The systems were deployed early and performance was based on the wider width of the system centered on the roadway.


In the Spikedevil.net website, we look back at an era where deflators were used in a safe fashion and we define the boundaries of what is safe and what is dangerous. We look at why we went from a perfect safety record to an era where the FBI has issued a safety warning. Today, manufactures advertise simplicity, ease of use, light weight, and they would have you think they are effective and safe. Safety is a marketing myth which has left officers unprepared for the task at hand.

Officers very often do not deploy using concealment nor cover. Today some brands are deployed in mid air and require multiple adjustments which prolong the officers exposure, adverse reactions, by the target vehicle and patrol officer have proven dangerous for deployment officers. We explain why this happens, as we expose high risk #1. While other manufactures comment that they do not understand why this happens? we do. One reason is that, Spike Devil uses an accordion mechanism designed to open and lock, this allows the officer to seek cover while the other officer is adjusting and positioning the other brand. Read why today safety is still a problem and how we address it for high risk #1

Some brands are component type systems. These system are dependent on replacement of components for later use. The cord on these systems are designed to snap should the officer wrap the cord around his hand. Sometimes the components fail in traffic or sometimes the components are deployed in traffic without cords. The risks to officers is where a deployment officer(s) enters into traffic to retrieve the components. Another risks is where pursuit officers attempt to avoid spikes and risks their safety and that of others. We explain why deployment without a tethered cord is high rirk #2

Based on the Incidents of the past we think they outweigh the personal injury risks of a less durable system designed to snap and help prevent a personal injury. Our systems is pre-assembled and designed to be reloaded for safe use. Tire deflation brands which are heavy duty type have not had any incidents of the type we label high risk #2

At Spike Devil, its time for a change, and we have the product and training program for you. So Call Copsgear today for Demos, Training sets, and to Purchase your new set of Single or Dual Lane today!

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