Over 10 years ago TecNiq engineers realized that the key to making LED lights affordable was optical efficiency. By collecting and directing as much of an LED's light as possible we could make great advances in LED lighting cost and expand the possible applications. Working as LED design consultants for automotive companies at the time, we began the development of new computerized lens design techniques. After some experimentation and refinement we developed several two-dimensional software packages. Performing billions of calculations, the software allowed the design of lenses that projected light in specific ratios to different areas of a pattern.

In one example, this approach allowed us to save 20% of the LED energy in a tail lamp and introduce the lowest cost and highest optical efficiency 6 inch oval tail lamp of its time.

The competition:
Unfortunately, there were no patents filed on these early designs. Today those same lenses have been employed by over ten manufacturers in dozens of stop lamp products. The stepped intensity rings of the DOT requirements are visible in the output image above right. If you look closely, you may recognize the lenses in the picture below which are used by many of the major manufacturers.

The response:
In 2004 TecNiq Inc was formed with the purpose of building on our past accomplishments to create the next generation of cost saving products. Employing the enormous power of todays computers we have created a new 3D version of our unique optical software. For the first time, our software enabled the projection of highly-controlled images directly from our lamps.

The results:
In 2006 we employed this exciting and unique technology to project an image of the FMVSS 108 requirement from our newest line of stop lamps (lower right). The result was absolutely dramatic, we have achieved an efficiency gain of 50% over our previous world-leading lens designs. Our new record-holding performance tail lamp exceeds brightness specifications but it uses only one half of the expensive LED energy.

As engineers it is our nature to want the best materials and processes. Throughout our entire product line this philosophy is evident. Our products incorporate the highest performance automotive grade LEDs (not cheap knock-off devices), marine grade passivated stainless steels, automotive grade polycarbonates and epoxy sealed circuit boards. We sleep well knowing our products have set a new level of performance per dollar on the market.

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