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Spike Devil System

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Choose Single or Dual Lane Spike Devil System. Each system comes with a cord Reel, Storage Holder, Mounting bracket, And easy replacement spikes. Spike Devil is the only Spike system that will deflate a tire even if deployed upside down. These are much easier to use for SUVs, Trucks, Fits perfect in Dodge Ram boxes. This is the only system for Motorcycles and ATVs. TAkes up less room in your vehicles. and Easily Refillable and you can deploy it many times as the refills keep you ready for deployments.

Spike Devil’s Cord Reel, is the first to offer a mouth to inspect and service the reel. The Spike-Devil is available in a standard size (SD10010) model which is designed to cover one traffic lane. Spike-Devil is also available in a wider size (SD10020) model, which spreads across a portion of two lanes of traffic lanes. The larger extended size requires the larger Dura-tube storage device to accommodate the Spike Devil system and the cord reel winder.

The Cord Reel is an option for those that prefer this type cord management system. The biggest problem with these type of devices is that they get tangled and can be difficult to use . The Cord Reel is only available in the orange color. The Cord reel is heavy duty and comes with a heavy duty nylon cord. The system is designed to to allow access through an inspection port. The port allows routine service without having to take system apart