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  • Conformal coated circuitry protects against shock and vibration
  • Durable polycarbonate domes are fully gasketed between the rugged one piece, extruded, anodized base to protect against moisture
  • Magnet mounts include vinyl pads to avoid scratching surfaces
  • Star Contour® is extremely low profile, made to "contour fit" to the roof of your vehicle
  • Super bright M-Tech Plus® LED technology provides a superior warning light image
  • Injection molded polycarbonate base is combined with two rubber coated vacuum magnets to "custom mount to your vehicle" (vacuum magnet model)
  • Permanent mount - 20 customer selectable flash patterns via external pattern select wire, S-Link System™ synchronizing capabilities with up to six other Star LED units
  • Magnet and Vacuum magnet mount - 20 customer selectable flash patterns, 12" cig. plug with lighted on/off and pattern select switch

  • Voltage: permanent - 10-30V DC, magnet - 10-16V DC
  • Amp Draw: 2.3 amps max
  • 9100LED
  • 9100LEDM
  • 9100LEDV
  • Key:M - Magnet mount
    V - Vacuum magnet mount

9100LED Star Contour Minibar - Manual (SF122_9100LED_FLYER_REV_D.pdf, 693 Kb) [Download]

9100LED Star Contour® Mini-Bar Model Drawing (9100LED.pdf, 417 Kb) [Download]

9100LEDM Star Contour® Mini-Bar Model Drawing (9100LEDM.pdf, 381 Kb) [Download]

9100LEDV Star Contour® Mini-Bar Model Drawing (9100LEDV.pdf, 406 Kb) [Download]