About Our Company

Copsgear's New Addition Built May 2015

Picture taken December 2015

Copsgear Summer Picture May 2016

Picture Below Showing Building as of Summer 2014

Copsgear.com has been in business since 1996 as what started as a niche in outfitting emergency vehicles and slowly grew into a retail business comprised now of a storefront, installation bay and Internet retail. Our primary clientele are police, Sheriff and fire departments; However we do sell to the private businesses and General Public as well. In 2008, Copsgear incorporated and a year later, a combination of a prime location with a large building for offices, sales reps, secretaries, Emergency Vehicle Installers, a showroom and a large installation area to outfit vehicles started the upward trend of growth that we continue to maintain today. Copsgear is the only company in the Midwest region to offer a one stop shop online, locally and regionally for supplying public safety equipment to dealers and Public Safety Professionals all around the World.

Copsgear specializes in outfitting vehicles with a massive selection of equipment manufacturers products. Working with a high number of government & Public Safety entities has helped our continued growth. Our customer base has exponentially increased over the past 3 years from our expert knowledge in public safety products, troubleshooting problems, high quality and quicker turnover rate on installations and products, and competitor faults.

Most of our new clientel is from word of mouth and visually seeing other police vehicles in the area which explains our radial growth in the Midwest region. After a few years of organization, marketing and building customer and vendor relations based on the knowledge and expertise of the president, sales doubled in 2014, tripled in 2015 & continue to climb. Copsgear Expanded our Install shop over doubling more vehicle space. now allowing 15 to 20 vehicles to be under one roof.

Mission Statement

Provide government and private emergency entities high quality,USA made products and installations for their optimal safety while on the job and other citizens safety that may intervene in an emergency environment.

Vision statement:

Grow strong relationships with automotive companies such as Ford and Dodge so they will endorse Copsgear as the #1 outfitter in the nation to allow for expansion with regional divisions; and become one of the largest public safety retailers and outfitters in the country.